Common Mistakes People Make When Decluttering Their Home

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In today’s world of new product launches almost every week, our lives often become cluttered with unwanted items of furniture, clothing, or electronic items. We also sometimes end up with a messy yard due to renovation work or remodeling projects to beautify our homes. A professional junk removal company will not just have the equipment and manpower to promptly collect and dispose of whatever it may be, they will also have the right connections and expertise to redistribute to charities, recycle wherever possible, and donate to the needy as in the case of clothes and household items. 

While it can be tempting to try and save a few pennies and attempt to clear the space yourself, with stringent legislation and regulations regarding waste disposal and recycling, the task can be overwhelming, requiring specialized equipment as well as know-how, while also taking up your valuable time and energy. 

To help you avoid DIY decluttering errors and basic mistakes that could prove to be costly, Say No 2 Junk! has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when decluttering their home.

1. Not planning in advance
As with most projects and endeavors, it pays to sit down and develop a game plan before you begin your operation. For example, if your home renovation is going to include the removal of large, cumbersome items like bathtubs or construction waste, it is wise to consider your options, taking into account the heavy equipment and costs that may be involved while also cataloging exactly what you to get rid of and when. 

2. Not allocating enough time for eventualities
Waste management and disposal is a process that sometimes has unforeseen complications and can end up taking way longer than you thought it would. When clearing your space of unnecessary waste or old goods, it is common to discover that you have a larger quantity of excess material or actually need to replace the entire structure or item to comply with safety regulations and building codes. Planning for eventualities and giving yourself wiggle room in terms of time allotted for junk removal can save you time and money.

3. A lack of space management
In our profession, a very common mistake we see is a lack of space management, where little or almost no consideration is given to proper storage. With a little thought and minimum investment, it is certainly possible to keep your hard-earned products and still have a well organized, beautifully arranged space with just the addition of the right shelves and storage cubby-holes. 

4. Haphazard waste disposal
Canada is truly a beautiful country, and we are blessed to have access to trach collection services in most provinces and counties. That being said, it is our responsibility to plan and ensure our waste, be it anything from hold items, construction waste, and even our yard trimmings disposal is handled in a manner that protects our environment for our future generations. Small initiatives like recycling your plastics and not adding them and other harmful waste to our already overflowing landfills or our already compromised ocean is a favor you really are doing yourself.

5. Not ensuring the junk removal company you hire is licensed and certified 
Employing the services of a professional waste removal company is a wise decision that is not only smart in terms of the time and energy you conserve but environmentally responsible as you can be sure your junk ends up where it should and doesn’t pollute and destroy what natural resources we have. While this is the case for most junk removal and disposal service, it is a good idea to check the licensing and reputation of the company to make certain they are well-versed with your province’s waste management regulations and adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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