You may find yourself with a gross amount of unwanted goods which you may not be able to sell. It is Say No 2 Junk! pleasure to remove these goods so that you can be uncluttered and unburdened by them.

Vancouver Junk Removal Company

Say No 2 Junk! is a locally owned and operated Full-Service Junk Removal Company. We help clients efficiently clear out the stuff they neither want nor need. We clean offices and garages and make the whole process easier by taking unneeded items off their hands so they can focus on what they want to keep.

Have you heard the saying " A Junk Free Home Is a happy home!" Well neither have we but now it is. Whether its spring cleaning time, or just before the Holidays, few things can lift your spirits like a clutter-free home. The process is simple: show us the junk, sit back, and relax. Now, that's house cleaning made simple! Whether your garage is a disaster, your basement's a junk room or your yard is a junkyard full of construction materials from a renovation job, we can put it right in record time.

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We offer:

  • Same day service,
  • Residential clean outs,
  • Commercial clean outs, recurring pickups, bulk loads, and corporate accounts
  • Pre and post renovation junk and debris removal.
  • Construction site clean up

We’ll clean out your basement, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, estates, garages & carports, Storage units & lockers

Say No 2 Junk! will haul away anything you wish:

  • Furniture, rubbish, building materials, unwanted or broken household goods.
  • Paint cans, chemicals and propane tanks
  • Yard waste
  • Batteries & tires

Our Prices for our disposal services are determined by the volume of goods to be removed.

  • All prices quoted are subject to a 5% GST charge + disposal fee.
  • Premium charges of 10% apply to Drywall, bricks, stone, marble, building materials, and chemicals!

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