About SAY NO 2 JUNK!

Welcome to Say NO 2 Junk! | Junk Removal, your reliable and Eco-friendly junk removal and recycling service provider in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas.

As a locally owned and operated full-service Vancouver junk removal company, we specialize in removing and recycling all types of rubbish and junk from households, contractors, and businesses.

At Say NO 2 Junk!, we take our environmental responsibility seriously, and that’s why we’re committed to recycling and reusing as much as possible. We donate all usable furniture and clothing to local charities and women’s shelters, while building materials are recycled through Habitat for Humanity. Our policy ensures that all recyclable materials are recycled, and all yard trimmings and waste are put into Green Recycling. Trust us to dispose of your junk and rubbish in an Eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Contact Say NO 2 Junk! today and let us handle your junk removal needs!

Contact Say NO 2 Junk! | +1 604 694 7773